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Pleasure Strippers warning about fraudulent strip companies!

A lot of other strip companies, supposedly in the San Francisco and Bay Area, give a bad name to our business with their unethical and unscrupulous practices, pretending to warn you about (other) companies. Unfortunately, because they choose to do this, we must reply. The vast majority of the companies that warn about fake pictures on the Internet are in fact themselves the ones who are the fakes.

Every (beware) and warning is a reflection of their own disreputable services. Can a company that is based out of Los Angeles, New York or Las Vegas that claims to have the (best) Sacramento Strippers, Bay Area Strippers and San Francisco Strippers honestly know if their dancers are the best when they have never met them in person? Do they care if you are misled by a picture of a beautiful body that is not really the stripper that shows up at your door? These companies are large corporations that are only interested in first time business.

Let us explain how strip companies are defrauding people and the warning signs, so that you can avoid this happening to you. We know misleading practices are rampant because we receive several hundred calls every year from panicked people who have ordered from other companies and their stripper did not show up or the one that did, was not who they chose.

Rule number one:
If a company is not based in your area, they can never know who they are sending out. They do not meet with their dancers in person, so they really don’t know who this person is or what they look like. Most of the time they don’t even have their dancers send pictures because it doesn’t matter, when all the pictures on their web site are stock photos. When the dancer arrives at your party and it is not the one you have chosen, these companies are betting on the chance that you will keep them, because you won't want to hassle with trying to find a dancer last minute. All professional strippers have pictures in this modern age and when they don’t it is because if they did, nobody would hire them so the agency prefers not to have a picture of that dancer on their web site. Remember that if you decide to book with an agency and they send you some one that you did not order, you don’t have to pay them!

Rule number two:
If they want you to place a deposit, Watch out! They do this is so they can hold it as leverage when you want to cancel. If a company calls to tell you the dancer that you have booked is unable to do your show and you don’t want any of the other choices they provide you with, you can cancel and legally they can't charge your credit card and must refund any deposit you placed. Some companies also have the audacity to ask you to deposit money into their bank account. This is always a bad idea. The dancer never shows up and you are out all that money.

Rule number three:
If they ask you for your dancer choices, but can't guarantee which one will be showing up at your party, they are going to send who they want to send, not who you have ordered. If they ask for several back up choices, this is to confuse you and provide them with a reason to keep your deposit by claiming that they provided you with one of your backups. If you want to pay with your credit card make sure to pay only after the dancer has arrived and you are 100% positive it is the same one you ordered.

Rule number four:
Beware of companies that email out pictures of dancers that are not on their own web site. You must ask yourself why this company would email a picture to you instead of putting that dancer on their web site? When companies do this, it is because the pictures they are sending you are stolen from local companies. They can’t put these pictures on their own web site because they don’t want to risk getting sued.

Rule number five:
Beware of companies that tell you they can provide one of our dancers at a lower price. We have received many calls from people through out the years, that were under the impression that they booked one of our dancers through a different agency. Obviously, our dancer did not show up because in actuality, they were never booked through us. The only other company you should ever see our dancer’s pictures on is If you see them on any other site, or receive our pictures in an email, someone is attempting to defraud you.

People ask us all the time how these companies get away with this and stay in business if they are so bad. It's very simple. They make it a practice to change their web site address, company name, pictures and phone number every 6 months. Many times a customer gets ripped off only to get ripped off by the same people again and again. Many dancers also become victims to these agencies. Quitting, because they are tired of participating in fraud, only to work for the same people again unknowingly.

When Pleasure Strippers started, everyone thought we were crazy. We were doing something that no other male and female stripping agency was doing, guarantee the dancer the customer chooses. Providing real pictures of our dancers isn't easy. It requires our dancers to stay in shape and get updated pictures on a regular basis. We have always believed that people are loyal to companies that are honest with them. The picture quality may vary, but these are real people, not photos purchased from a web site, scanned from a magazine, or stolen.

We understand the importance of your special event, and realize that you have given us the opportunity to provide an entertainer, making everything as fun and stress free as possible. Often your event is a one time engagement and has to be done right the first time, because there isn’t time for a second chance. We understand how much effort, preparation and money goes into making your party a success and we always strive to enhance that experience. We’ve known from the beginning that if we take care of our customers they will always come back and take care of us.

At, we rely on your repeat business. We send you the dancer you request and in turn, the next time you need an entertainer, you will feel safe in coming back to us, a Northern California based Exotic Dancer Company. We are not interested in being the biggest agency out there if we must sacrifice honesty and quality for the almighty dollar. While most agencies prioritize quantity over quality, we would much prefer to send you a top quality, screened and trained entertainer to provide 100% satisfaction. We are certain that you will be satisfied with our dancers, so give us a try and we won't let you down!