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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much are your strippers?
Each stripper’s price varies depending on how far they have to travel to your event.

2. How do I know which strippers are close to my area?
We can’t say where the strippers live, so the best thing to do is choose five to seven strippers that you like and call us for pricing and availability.

3. Are there any travel fee’s I will be asked to pay?
We include all travel fees in the price quote for each stripper. If you are asked for an extra travel fee, please call us and let us know. You do not owe an extra travel fee.

4. How do we pay for the stripper?
Your stripper will be collecting cash payment in full, upon arrival to the party.

5. Will I be given a receipt for payment?
The stripper will start the show after receiving payment. The show is receipt of payment.

6. How do we tip the stripper?
Our strippers have several different party games that they will announce at your party. They will give the price of each game. When you want to play the game, you give the stripper the game price and in turn the stripper will provide the party game for you.
7. What are the party games?
Each stripper will provide different assortments of games. Some of them include, lap dances, oil rubs, body shots, whip cream races and money tree.

8. Is tipping required?
Yes. The strippers work mainly for tips. So be sure your guests know you are having a stripper and let them know they should bring money to spend.

9. Can we use a credit card to pay for party games?
No. The strippers do not come with a credit card machine. Please make sure your guests bring cash for the party games.

10. Can we write them a check for payment and party games?
Sorry, no checks are taken under any circumstances.

11. How long is the show?
The stripper will stay as long as your guests are tipping, respectful and having fun.

12. What is the half hour show?
The 1/2 hour show is recommended for coed parties, or parties with less than seven guests. This is also a good option if you have time constraints and want something shorter. The stripper will still provide party games, just not as many as the full show.

13. What do we need to provide for our stripper?
The strippers provide all props for the party. All you need to provide is a room for the stripper to get ready; a chair without armrests in party room for lap dances; and a blanket, if you have hardwood floors or flooring that you prefer not to get messy.

14. Are we guaranteed that the stripper we choose, will be the stripper we get?
Yes! We guarantee the stripper you book will be the one arriving to your party. If it is not the stripper you chose, you do not have to pay.

15. What if my stripper is unable to do my party?
If the stripper you booked is unable to do your show, we will call you immediately so you can choose a different stripper. You always know who is coming to your show. You also have the right to cancel without a fee if we are unable to get the stripper for you that you booked.

16. Where can we have our stripper perform?
The best place for your party is in a home or Hotel room. We can also provide strippers in restaurants, clubs or offices but you must have a completely private room or it must be closed to the public at the time of your event. It is illegal for a stripper to perform in a public place.

17. Can our stripper do the show in our backyard?
Sorry, the strippers must do the show indoors.

18. Are we allowed to touch our stripper?
You are allowed to touch the stripper only where they place your hands. Please do not grab, pull on, slap or bite your stripper.

19. Will the stripper go fully nude?
Most of our male entertainers strip to a g-string. Our female entertainers will go fully nude based on tipping and respectfulness.

20. Can we take pictures?
The female strippers do not allow pictures. Some of the male strippers do allow pictures. The men that allow pictures may charge a fee for picture taking. If you are interested in taking pictures, please ask your stripper when he arrives to your show.