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Pleasure Strippers Presents Clint

Height: 5'10
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Male stripper Clint
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Three Stars
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Not the worst but could've been better
MJ in Stockton | reviewed 1 year ago
We had Clint come and entertain at our friend's 21st birthday party. First of all, he called and wanted to know if he could push up our party two hours. It was kind of a pain but I guess he had something to do that was more important. It was the night of the party when he called, so what were we supposed to do. It wasn't that bad because we were going to be partying late anyway. He ended up arriving only an hour later than we had booked him, so that was good. When he got there, he had an "assistant" with him. His assistant just kind of stood there and didn't do much. Was Clint scared us girls were going to beat him up or something? Clint did a pretty good show and did get wild and the girls ended up getting crazy and having fun. But a lot of us were distracted by his assistant. We kind of all wished he was stripping instead of who we chose, cause, at least with his clothes on , he was way hotter than Clint.
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