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Pleasure Strippers Presents Leonardo

Height: 5'10
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


G. Q.
Male stripper Leonardo
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Very Happy!
Neya in Bellmont | reviewed 7 months ago
I was looking for a male entertainer for my cousin's bachelorette party and we needed someone that would be appropriate for our party. Many of the guests only spoke spanish and had never seen a stripper before. There were mom's and aunts and a lot of family members there, so I didn't want to go overboard and have it be too risque. I spoke to a representative at Pleasure Strippers and they were able to help me with my questions and were very friendly. Leonardo did excellent at our party. He speaks spanish (which is not noted on his information), and put everyone at ease and made everyone laugh and have a great time. We had a really hard time keeping my cousin in the chair during his strip part of the show, she was so embarrassed. But she loved every minute of it and thought he was very handsome
1 Star rating
vg in Sacramento | reviewed 1 year ago
leonardo was very sweet and cute but to skinny and needs to learn how to dance was not turned on was not worth what i paid for and the pics on here should show top to bottm on himm,goodluck next time
Loved the show!
Zula in Stockton | reviewed 1 year ago
Leonardo gave us a great show. Happy go lucky, great guy. Beautiful eyes and smile. Very seductive. His show was well thought out. Never a dull moment!
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