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Pleasure Strippers Presents Josh

Height: 6'2
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


G. Q.
Male stripper Josh
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This time was the best!
Sarah in Pleasanton | reviewed 1 month ago
It seems every time I or someone I know rents a stripper, we pick out this hunk of a guy and the person that shows up is never even close to what the picture looked like. I let the representative I spoke to know of my issues with ordering strippers in the past, and she assured me that I would be getting Josh, not to worry! Of course I didn't believe it, but last Saturday, Josh arrived! And it was actually Josh! He was gorgeous and looked even BETTER in person than in his profile picture. We all just fell in love with him at first site. He's a terrific entertainer and gave us a fabulous evening!
5 Star rating
Blue eyed Babe
Maureen in Oakley | reviewed 5 months ago
We just had a fabulous night with Josh, the sexy blue eyed, blonde male stripper. He looks so sweet and innocent in his picture but my what a naughty boy he turned out to be. He walked into our event in a stellar suit and tie getup and looked so debonair, but soon his clothes were flying off and his wild side took over. I personally couldn't catch my breath during my floor lap dance. The party was for my friend's housewarming party. She just moved to Brentwood and needed to have the house christened a bit. Well Josh certainly took care of that, and her. He gave special attention to Grandma sitting over in the corner. I guess she particularly caught his eye, because we didn't even have to pay for her lap dance. We just had a terrific time. I feel like going out and buying myself a new house so I can have an excuse to hire a stripper, although, I'm sure there are less expensive reasons to celebrate. I really recommend Josh for a wild and crazy time. And watch your Grandma, if you get him. He seems to really like his women aged!
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