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Pleasure Strippers Presents Lorenzo

Height: 6'1
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Latin, Caucasian

G. Q.

*Also Speaks Spanish
            "Habla Espanol"

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Woot! Woot!
diwata in Hercules
Great Performance from Mr. Cop Lorenzo! It was my first time to see a male stripper and had a great time! He's also respectful and not too chatty, we're able to concentrate on all the good bits he had to offer! Will definitely recommend!
Sonia in Stockton | reviewed 1 month ago
We really enjoyed having Lorenzo as our entertainer. he was on time, he made all the girls feel good, his performance was exceptional and most of all he was HOT!!. He looked great in his cop uniform =). all the girls were really happy w/him, had all good things to say. we would love to use hulk again for another occassion or maybe just because =)
brendizz in San Pablo | reviewed 2 months ago
Lorenzo is the best stripper ever!!!!! I had him for my B-day we all loved him specially me.He is everything a girl would love hes sooo hot hes the perfect stripper.I really recommend him. He was on time also he was very respectful I liked that.
5 Star rating
Pleasently Pleased
Carolyn in Ceres | reviewed 4 months ago
For being my first experience with a male stripper it was Amazing!!! Lorenzo was respectful, professional and well prepared!!! I would recommend him for another party to anyone I know!
Cass in Ceres | reviewed 4 months ago
My two girl friends threw me a birthday/going away party this past Saturday. I had picked Lorenzo and was more than pleasantly surprised to have gotten exactly what I had asked for! He's a very Handsome & Sexy man, total sweetheart, and very very professional. He was on time, brought his own supplies for games & even a blanket to lay on floor. All in all i had an Amazing time and he made sure it was all about me =) (which is what every girl wants!!)
Hubba Hubba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cupcake Queen in Oakland | reviewed 4 months ago
Lorenzo is THE best male stripper in the bay area! Oh My god!! So adorable. I am so in love! You rocked it man! Fine ass man with a super sexy smile that'll just melt your heart.
Muy Caliente!
Yelena in Stockton | reviewed 5 months ago
Me and my friend had Lorenzo in Stockton for are birthday parties and he is very sexy. Some of are friends are shy and so he was very nice and make every one feel very happy and they like him very much. We have Tim last year to in Sacramento. He is very good to. Also I got Roxie the girl stripper before for my boyfriend. She was very pretty and do a good job. I am very happy with the company. We want to get Lorenzo again for are next party.
Very Impressed
Alissa in San Francisco | reviewed 5 months ago
I hired Lorenzo for my friends' bachelorette party we had in S.F. and I have to say I was very impressed as was all the ladies at the party. He was very nice (and very cute!) and respectful to all and especially the guest of honor due to her being of middle eastern heritage and was leary of having a strippper perform for her. He showed up on time, gave a great show, and he was definitely memorable. I will absolutely refer his services (and your company) to anyone and will even hire him again for another party in the future. Thank you Pleasure strippers for having your website. It was the main reason why I chose to go with your company. Your selection of strippers, your customer feedback, and all you have to offer was upfront and honest and I knew exactly what I was getting and what to expect. I now looking forward to hosting another party and using your company again.
Officer Lorenzo
Lizette in Hayward | reviewed 6 months ago
We had Officer Lorenzo come to our party last weekend. He did such a great job! He was very sweet and gave all the girls attention. He really made our bachelorette feel special. Lorenzo has a incredible body too. He is one hot latin hunk. It was really awesome that he speaks spanish too cause not all the girls spoke english. We had a really great time with him.
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