Pleasures Strippers male and female party strippers

Pleasure Strippers Presents Gino

Height: 5'9
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel


Cop, Cowboy
Fireman, Military
Harley Biker, G. Q.

*Also Speaks Spanish
           "Habla Espanol"

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Gino was such a cool guy.
Anne Marie in Watsonville | reviewed 6 months ago
Gino was such a cool guy. I booked him for a redo party. We had a so-called entertainer the night before from another agency that was absolutely awful! We actually asked him to leave early and when I tried to speak with the other agency and tell them what went on, they just didn't care and were extremely rude to me. So the next day, I called around and luckily found this agency, Pleasure Strippers. The gentleman I spoke to was so helpful. When Gino arrived to our redo party, he was such a doll. He was very good looking and just totally made all the bad memories from the night before disappear. I will definitely be recommending Pleasure Strippers and Gino to everyone I know. Thank you dearly for a spectacular evening :0)
5 Star Rating
Fist Pump
Sassy Sweetie in Palo Alto | reviewed 10 months ago
Gino aka "The Situation" was one hot hunk of Man. He did my friend's party who happens to be in love with The Jersey Shore show. We asked if they had anybody that resembled one of the guys from the show, especially Mike The Situation. We were so happy when Gino arrived. He was perfect! He did an excellent show and was so friendly and outgoing. I would recommend him to any one who's looking for a great all around sexy guy.
Highly recommended stripper service
Mariah in Salinas | reviewed 10 months ago
About a month ago, I hired two strippers from this company to come to my house in Salinas. We were having a big birthday event for a couple of friends, both men and women so we needed a male and female exotic entertainer for our event. We hired Paige and Gino, they were recommended by the company to work well together. They did a really good job and all my party guests had a blast and loved them. Paige did a nurse outfit and Gino did a fireman. We had so much fun with them that I just recently hired another male stripper for one of my coworkers where I work in San Jose. This time we hired Adrian. My boss wouldn't allow us to have a full blown show at the office so we went with the stripping telegram. We had asked the company if they could have the dancer pretend to be suing someone. Adrian did such a good job. Even though the rest of us knew it was a joke, he had us all believing that he really needed a lawyer. Great acting skills. When he got to the stripping, our coworker was so embarrassed. It worked out even better than we imagined. I just had to write a review because my experience with has been so above and beyond. They are a great company with great entertainers working for them. I will always recommend them.
Big hose!
Cynthia in San Jose | reviewed 10 months ago
It was my job to organize my best friends engagement party, so I was stressed out after calling a couple places, until finally I talked to a real professional at Pleasure Strippers.  They helped me book the perfect dancer Gino that made my party into a big hit with special lighting, music, dancing, and of course the body shots were my favorite...thanks to my sexy fireman with the big hose!
Lovin' me some Gino
Nadia in Santa Cruz | reviewed 1 year ago
I just got Gino, the sexy tatted male stripper for my coworkers bachelorette party in Santa Cruz and just have to say how much fun he was. Great attitude. Great body. Very cute! If any of my friends are reading this... I want him for my birthday! The agency itself was also very friendly and professional. I got stuck with the job of finding the stripper since all my friends were too scared to do it. There are a lot of cute guys on their web site. Pleasure Strippers made our party awesome!
Sheryl in Gilroy | reviewed 1 year ago
We had a party last weekend and hired Gino from your company. Just wanted to let you know that we had a lot of fun! Gino was very professional and one of the friendliest, down to earth strippers I’ve seen. He made all the girls feel completely comfortable. We’ve used other services in the past and most of the guys were cocky and arrogant, not to mention, they weren’t even who we ordered. Thank you so much for making my sister’s last night of fun so memorable. We will definitely be using your company again.
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