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Pleasure Strippers Presents D'Von

Height: 6'5
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


G. Q.

Male stripper devon
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Down and Dirty
KIKI in Dublin | reviewed 1 year ago
We had a wonderful time with D'Von at our party Saturday night. He was very sensual, very strong and knows how to shake it! D'Von came in looking all debonair in his suit. Once he got out of it he got down and dirty. His music was up to date and he played all our favorites. Thank you for the wonderful evening!
I've Seen Better
LaShawnda in Modesto | reviewed 1 year ago
This is the 3rd time we have had a dancer from this company and we should of stuck with the guy's we had in the past. They were the best! Wanted to try someone different. Our mistake. He had no lighting, props, or a final act. All he did is come in and use our stereo, and tried to dance. The other guys we had did a real show!
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