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Pleasure Strippers Presents Daniel

Height: 5'9
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown



Daniel, Hot male strippers serving anywhere in Northern California
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We loved Daniel!
Chikita in Sacramento | reviewed 1 year ago
We got Daniel from Pleasure Strippers for my friends birthday party in Sacramento about a week and a half ago. We saw him on their web site and he was exactly my friends type. He came in a real military outfit and looked phenomenal in it, of course he looked even better once he was out of his clothes. He really did a great show. It looked like he put a lot of thought and effort into his job. I've had other strippers that just didn't really know what they were doing and didn't seem to have thought about what they were going to do at all. Daniel was very kind and sensual and had a great sense of humor. The birthday girl was extremely happy with our choice of entertainment. The agency also worked with us a bit on the price. Times are hard out here in Sacramento these days and they really did give us a great price for such a great stripper! Don't forget to bring your dollars ladies!
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