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Pleasure Strippers Presents Angelo

Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel


U. P. S.
Angelo, Hot male strippers serving anywhere in Northern California
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Tarasita in Gilroy | reviewed 1 year ago
I hired Angelo for my friend having her birthday party. The girls got hooked on his picture but there weren't any reviews for him yet. So let me be the first! The entire performance was a bit strange. He was singing Elvis and doing his impersonation of him, neither was very good. I guess we should have chose a costume because Elvis is great and all but none of the girls at our party are big Elvis fans. If we wanted an impersonator, I'm sure we could have ordered one but we wanted a stripper. He did strip too but didn't seem very sensual when he did it. Overall we weren't impressed. I have to say, we have hired with this company before and were very impressed. This guy just didn't measure up to past performances.
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