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Pleasure Strippers Presents Trent

Height: 6'0
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


G. Q.
Male Stripper Trent
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Alison in San Francisco | reviewed 5 months ago
This was our first stripper experience and he set the bar HIGH. He was nice, smelled good, had a hawt bod, and made us all feel comfortable! His body roll was sexy and so was his assistant. He was very professional and everyone had a good time. I highly recommend Trent to anybody looking to have a good time.
Wonderful experence
Kendra Rae in San Francisco | reviewed 5 months ago
He was wonderful! Nothing but respectful, professional and a great time! All of the girls at the bacholorette party had a fabulous time! He made sure that everyone got their fair share of the show. It was great that he had little games for us and he brought props too! For this he get 5 stars. Minus one star for not getting in touch w/ me sooner than 15 mins before the "show." Not a big big deal and we all handled our stuff and got the show going right on time. I will be recommending him and this company to anyone who needs entertainment.
Trent is a Winner!
Marla in Berkeley | reviewed 6 months ago
Thanks Trent! You made our party amazing!! You're way hot and way fun! Yay Trent!!! Hire this guy!! He rocks!!
5 Star Rating
Excellent Experience
Trina in San Jose | reviewed 11 months ago
I have to share my wonderful experience with Pleasure Strippers. I had a last minute idea for a present for a friend of mine. I really didn't need a stripper, just more of a sexy man to come into a bar and flirt around with my cougar friend on her birthday. I had called a few other places first that were quite rude and unhelpful. When I called up Pleasure Strippers, I was surprised at how accommodating the lady on the phone was. I explained to her what my idea was and the scenario I wanted played out. She immediately said she knew exactly what I was looking for and had the perfect man for the job. She quoted me a reasonable price and everything was taken care of! Well, when Trent showed up, he was exactly the look I was going for and went along with the entire script. It turned out better than expected. Trent had my friend gaga over him and really hammed it up. He made my friend the happiest birthday cougar you ever saw. He did such a good job, I tipped him out at the end, which he was very gracious and happy about. This is a great agency. They really seemed to care about my event and took great care in making my vision come true and my birthday girl very happy!
Sorority Strippers.
Jessica in Sacramento | reviewed 1 year ago
I am writing a review because our sorority had such an excellent time at the party with our stripper. We ordered Trent from to come and entertain our seniors that are graduating from UC Davis this year. We were looking for a local company in Sacramento and came across Pleasure Strippers web site. They seemed really legit and we had heard some other people from our school had used them in the past and had a really good experience. "Officer" Trent has such a great personality with a great sense of humor. He's also incredibly good looking. He didn't take himself too seriously and really had a lot of fun with us! He had some great moves. I myself have never been flipped like that before and loved every minute of it. I have some friends that are currently attending Stanford University in San Jose and I also recommended that they go with this company too. They ordered a guy named Bishop and also had a great time. I was able to attend that party too. Bishop also really impressed me. He did a real fireman costume and had a great routine. I watched his video that they have posted on the web site and seeing Bishop in person is so much better than the video. The show was different than Trent's but just as good! Bishop brought in a few more props, like a tub which was incredibly erotic and sensual. This is an excellent company and they have many happy customers with us!
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