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Pleasure Strippers Presents Austin

Height: 6'0
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue


G. Q.
Male Stripper Austin
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4 1/2 Star rating
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  5 Star Rating  
Great Mover
Vivian in Ceres | reviewed 6 months ago
June 11th I gave my daughterinlaw a suprise bridal shower. Austin was awsome all the ladys fell in love with him. He was sweet as well as a great mover. he also played some great games and start the night of great. We will be booking him again. Thank you vivian.
4 Star Rating
Nice Role Play!
Monique in San Francisco | reviewed 1 year ago
Austin was our entertainer last Saturday night. A bunch of us girls went clubbing for the night to cheer up our friend for valentines day. She just broke up with her bf so we thought we would add a little more excitement to the night by ordering a male stripper for her, get her mind off of the break up. We asked Austin if he could pretend to be the door guy at one of the clubs we would be hitting and he said no problem. As we walked in we told him we had reserved the private room for our party and he played it up perfect. He played it up great by saying that one of us had requested a stereo in the room and he would follow us in there to set it up. Had to get his music in there somehow right? He followed us back and as soon as we all got in there he set up his music and said that there was one more thing we had requested. He hit the music and the lights and sat our friend in a chair. He started stripping and my friends face turned bright red. She was totally surprised and have to say that Austin really brightened up her attitude. Of course the rest of us got into the action later too. He really works his lap dance! The only reason I am giving him 4 stars instead of 5 is because he was just a bit late and we had to stall a bit at the last club we were at before we went to this one, because we wanted him to be there already when we arrived. All in all it was fantastic.
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