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Pleasure Strippers Presents Enrique

Height: 6'1
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel



Enrique latin male stripper
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  5 Stars  
Our Favorite Stripper
Kara in Union City | reviewed 5 months ago
Several of my friends have ordered the exotic entertainer, Enrique for different events of ours. He is our favorite stripper. We hired him again this last weekend for a friend's 30th birthday and once again, he was excellent! Enrique is not only very good looking and entertaining but he takes time and effort to switch up his show and make it new and exciting each time we see it. He is also the most respectful entertainer I have experienced. At our last party there was quite an age range of ladies and he managed not to offend anyone. He was very careful to give attention just to the women that wanted it and left the ones that didn't want attention alone so they could feel comfortable. I would recommend him to any party and look forward to having him entertain us again soon.
5 Stars
Highly recommended stripper service
Mariah in Salinas | reviewed 1 year ago
About a month ago, I hired two strippers from this company to come to my house in Salinas. We were having a big birthday event for a couple of friends, both men and women so we needed a male and female exotic entertainer for our event. We hired Paige and Gino, they were recommended by the company to work well together. They did a really good job and all my party guests had a blast and loved them. Paige did a nurse outfit and Gino did a fireman. We had so much fun with them that I just recently hired another male stripper for one of my coworkers where I work in San Jose. This time we hired Enrique. My boss wouldn't allow us to have a full blown show at the office so we went with the stripping telegram. We had asked the company if they could have the dancer pretend to be suing someone. Enrique did such a good job. Even though the rest of us knew it was a joke, he had us all believing that he really needed a lawyer. Great acting skills. When he got to the stripping, our coworker was so embarrassed. It worked out even better than we imagined. I just had to write a review because my experience with has been so above and beyond. They are a great company with great entertainers working for them. I will always recommend them. 
5 Stars
Very sexy and sweet
Written by Rosalinda in Oakland | March 15, 2010
I had Enrique for my party this last past weekend. i had a fantastic time with him, my girls enjoyed him.he made sure i felt comfortable at all times. He was very very sexy and sweet. Thanks so much.
5 Stars
Manly men and lovely ladies
Written by Julia in San Francisco | February 12, 2010
My best friend just recently had her bridal shower in San Francisco and we decided to use Pleasure Strippers. The guys had their party the same night in San Jose and also booked through this company. We asked if we could get a discount since both parties had decided to book through them and they did give us a good deal. We picked out our man Enrique, a oh so sexy  exotic man and he arrived on time and gave a great show. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the girl the guys got but they also had a great time and really thought that the girl was friendly and beautiful. I know the guys are too lazy to review so I'm doing it for both parties. The father of the bride was at the bachelor party and said everything was on the up and up and they guys all had a great time. So, this is a great company. Trust me I've booked parties before and it has always been a sucky experience. We never got who we chose and sometimes we didn't even get anybody at all. Go with this company and you will not be dissapointed.
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