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Pleasure Strippers Presents Davian

Height: 6'2
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


G. I.
Male stripper Davian in Construction
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Bachelerette party
Gg in Napa CA | reviewed 1 month ago
Davian exceeded everyones expectations. He paid close personal attention to each attendee and was a total gentlemen. We all would recommend him highly.
5 Star Rating
Davian - Island Love!
Party Planner Nans in Pacifica | reviewed 3 months ago
Davian was more than what we expected. He was such a gentleman & the ladies loved every moment with him. Because of Davian, it was a memorable party for my cousin who was getting married & the whole party of ladies that were there. It was noted to be the best bachelorette party they've been to. Thanks for Davian & your island love!
Cindy in Cloverdale | reviewed 4 months ago
Absolutely amazing! THE BEST time! Davian feels the energy in the room, and BRINGS it. A lot of the girls were shy, then some girls wild, and he adjusted accordingly. He is more beautiful than his photos. I've been to over 10 bachelorette parties, and Davian is THE BEST STRIPPER EVER!
Good times
Jenny Vo in San Francisco | reviewed 5 months ago
mmmmmm....Davian is super hot! Saw him this last weekend. This company told me he was better looking in person than in his picture on the web site and they were correct. Very tall, very built and very talented! Best looking fireman in my book! He made our party a Delight
Two Very Hot Male Strippers!
Carmen in San francisco | reviewed 4 months ago
We made a party for my friends Dirty 30 birthday party in San Francisco. There were about 40 girls so we decided to get two male strippers from Pleasure Strippers to celebrate. We got to enjoy Delicious first and Davian second. Delicious had amazing moves, he could even do the splits! Very flexible and very exotic and attractive. Davian was also extremely sexy. Very tall and one of the nicest male strippers I've met. He was very interactive personable. Love the latest tattoos he's added. The guys really made my friend's birthday a night she won't soon forget. Half the girls favorite was Delicious, the other half's favorite was Davian. They both were amazing. Very happy with the latest talent from Pleasure Strippers.
Party to remember.
Yumi in Hayward | reviewed 5 months ago
Hi, had my bachelorette party in August with Davian, and everyone had a complete blast. It was all of our first times with a stripper and we were all quite nervous. However, Davian was very sweet, made sure none of us became too uncomfortable, and that we all had a wonderful time. He was very professional and gave us all a party to remember. I wanted to say thank you and express my gratitude to Davian. He was truly wonderful!! Thanks a bunch, Yumi
Special day for me!
Diane in Napa | reviewed 6 months ago
Davian, I just wanted to thank you for a great birthday. You really made it a special day for me. We all had a good time. We all enjoy your company and think you're very sweet. Anyway, thanks again for making this my best birthday ever. Take care. Warm Wishes, Diane
Great Entertainment
Lelani in Milpitas | reviewed 6 months ago
Due to the poor service the last company provided my friend, I was skeptic in using your service; any service for that matter. I just want to say thank you for meeting my expectations. Although he was late, he stayed to meet the hour quota which was very exceptional. Please also extend my thanks to Davian for the great entertainment he provided for the guest of honor as well as the attendees. I would definitely recommend him as well as your company.
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