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Pleasure Strippers Presents Chris

Height: 6'2
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue


Cop, Fireman
Cowboy, Doctor
Construction, G. Q.
Army, Navy
Waiter, Pizza Guy
Male stripper Chris
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Extra Large Sausage
Patty in Brentwood | reviewed 2 months ago
My daughter's friends and I chose Chris for my daughter's 21st birthday party. It was a complete surprise for her. We told her we ordered some pizzas for the party. Chris arrived looking like a sexy pizza delivery boy and when my daughter answered the door he said he had a extra large sausage pizza ordered just for her (hilarious!) His show was well thought out yet very laid back. He had all the girls giggling the entire time. He is such a flirt! We absolutely loved Chris! Thank you so much for such a fun time.
I recently hired from this service
Kathy in Sacramento | reviewed 5 months ago
I recently hired Chris to come to my apartment in Sacramento for a party I was throwing. Originally we had hired through another company and they called me last minute and cancelled on me. I didn't have much time to find another guy but luckily came across this company and they were able to get me someone on short notice. Chris was amazing. He had such a wonderful attitude, very funny guy. We all loved him and really appreciate Pleasure Strippers for coming to our rescue.
Very surprising...
Patricia in Walnut Creek | reviewed 6 months ago
Very surprised about our experience. I thought strippers we kind of a joke and that is why I ordered one. Every time we have had a male stripper in the past the stripper that showed up was usually way to old,out of shape, or both. Last time my sister ordered one for my birthday from a different company of course. The guy had a mullet and looked like just your average joe. So I thought i would get my sister back this year by just picking the first company I found and having them send me just anyone. Chris arrived in his real cop outfit, which was great because he looked like a real cop. Imagine this tall good looking cop at your party. He asked for my sister and said our neighbors called and complained that we were being to loud. Then the music started! He put his fuzzy handcuffs on her and the rest I will leave to your imagination. His body rocked and so did his hips. Very professional and entertaining the way a performer should be. I will hire him again in the future, but not for a joke. Finally after all these years I have seen a real stripper.
Down to earth.
Joan in Santa Clara | reviewed 7 months ago
Chris gave a wonderful performance and was very humble and down to earth. He made contact with all our guest and made everyone enjoy themselves. His routine was perfect and so was his body. Very sensual and sexy, just like his personality. I will use him again. Thanks.
Very Good!
Marsella in Sacramento | reviewed 7 months ago
I attended a party that Chris danced at and he was great, I'd really like to have him for my friends party. Marcella