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Pleasure Strippers Presents J.P.

Height: 5'11
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


Male stripper John Paris
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Light my Fire!
Amy in Santa Rosa | reviewed 4 months ago
Talk about a hunky fireman with a big hose WOW that's all I can say on that without being to descriptive. The girls really thought he was a fireman checking for gas leaks on our block. When the music started and his hips began gyrating we knew he wasn't your run of the mill firefighter. The Birthday girl was very happy. Not to mention the rest of us. We had a blast!
Good job but late.
Monica in Oakley | reviewed 6 months ago
He did a great job, but showed up 20 minutes late. He said it was hard to find our house but if that was the problem he should of called us. We were 30 ladies waiting. After he arrived I must admit he made up for being late. Much better than other strippers we have had in the past. We could tell he has been doing this for a while. Very fluent in movements and professional. Would have giving him 5 Stars but I took 1 away for being late.
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